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What We Treat


At times of stress we can find ourselves tight and aching, which often leads to poor posture, unhealthy movement patterns and increased risk of injury.

Remedial Massage relieves muscle tension and pain, improves range of motion and assists circulation. It helps restore normal muscle function using firm pressure, kneading, trigger point release, or relaxation techniques.

Lymphatic drainage massage reduces swelling caused by injury, illness or surgery. 

Pregnancy massage is an adaptation of remedial techniques and modified positioning to safely relieve the pain, tension and fluid-retention associated with pregnancy. 

Sports massage uses remedial techniques in three distinct phases: training or build-up, pre-performance and post-performance. 

If you have a specific injury or persistent pain in one area of your body, we recommend you see one of our physiotherapists. Remedial massage can also be used to manage the systemic symptoms of patients who are receiving physiotherapy for a specific injury.

If you’re looking for a remedial massage, feel free to make an appointment with Ben Hurley on a Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday.