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What We Treat

Work Related Injuries

Injuries can occur in the work place, while travelling to and from work or during any work-related social activity. Injuries can be of an acute nature like heavy lifting or falls, or from postural problems or repetitive mechanical stress like sitting at a computer.

At Darlinghurst Physiotherapy we accurately assess, diagnose and treat work-place injuries using firm connective tissue massage, joint mobilisation and/or manipulation and our educational skills to assist you in understanding what has gone wrong and what stretches and strengthening exercises can be done to help you fix the problem yourself.

We work closely with general practitioners and insurance companies to ensure that appropriate management is provided to you for your recovery and return to work. We also provide advice and education regarding prevention from further injury, ergonomic and work-place assessment and graduated return to work if necessary.

All work-related injuries have to be reported to your employer or human resources department and they will ask you to complete the appropriate paper work. Your doctor can provide a WorkCover certificate and referral for physiotherapy. We are happy to bill your employer’s insurance company.